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 August 26, 2013

Hard fought soccer game tonight between Riverside HS and Orange HS.      Eli Lockwood scored early in the first half for Orange and Bryan Navarro answered for Riverside in few minutes later.  The first half ended with 1-1  score.  Riverside’s Joe Wood struck first in the second half on a breakaway goal for a 2-1 lead.  A few minutes later, Orange scored on a great shot from the right corner by Mitchell Pittman to tie the score again.  Then Tyler Taubenheim scored in the middle of the box off of a corner kick to give Orange the 3-2 victory.
Riverside 2,   Orange 3,
Riverside                1    1     2
Orange                    1    2     3
Shots on goal—Riverside 9,   Orange 5
Goals-Riverside, Bryan Navarro and Joe Wood
Goals—Orange, Eli Lockwood, Mitchell Pittman and Tyler Taubenheim.
Saves-Riverside 2, Johnson Carbuccia 2,     Orange 7,  Jaden Vines 7

 August 28, 2013

Due to injuries and some prior academic commitments, Riverside played Athens Drive HS with only 13 players.  Riverside played hard in the first half and it ended in a 1-0 lead for Athens Drive off of a goal from Kyle Ryan.  In the second half, Athens Drive just wore down Riverside and got goals from Nathan Foster, Quinn Garrett and Kyle Ryan for a final score of 4-0.
 Riverside 0,   Athens Drive 4
 Riverside                        0    0      0
Athens Drive                    1    3      4
Shots on goal-Riverside 4,   Athens Drive 10
Goals-Athens Drive 4, Kyle Ryan 2, Nathan Foster, and Quinn Garrett
Saves-Riverside 6, Johnson Carbuccia 6,     Athens Drive 4,   Gabe Price 4
September 5, 2013

Defensive battle in the first half that saw Chris Gottberg score for Middle Creek with 40 seconds left in the first half for a 1-0 lead.  Middle Creek came out strong in the second half and John Eaves scored a goal 4 minutes into the second half to give Middle Creek a 2-0 lead.  Chris Gottberg added another goal 20 minutes later for the final 3-0 score.  Riverside had 5 shots on goal, but could not finish any of them.
 Riverside 0,   Middle Creek 3
 Riverside                            0    0    0
 Middle Creek                     1    2     3
 Shots on goal-Riverside 5,   Middle Creek 8
 Goals-Middle Creek 3,  Chris Gottberg 2 and John Eaves 1
 Saves-Riverside 5,  Jose Garcia 5,     Middle Creek 5, Ryan Fuller 5
 Records -Riverside 0-3-0,       Middle Creek 4-1-0
September 18, 2013

It was a great game and one of those games that no team should have lost.   Riverside took a 2-1 lead into halftime with goals from Bryan Navarro and Blake Berry.   Chapel Hill tied it up in the second half.  Both goal keepers stopped a PK in this  game.   In the second overtime, Chapel Hill scored off of deflected ball from a free kick on the left side of the field.
Riverside 2,   East Chapel Hill 3
Riverside                            2   0    0      0      2
East Chapel Hill                 1   1    0      1      3
Shots on goal—Riverside 12,   East Chapel Hill  9
Goals---Riverside 2,  Bryan Navarro 1, Blake Berry 1
Goals—East Chapel Hill 3, 
Saves-Riverside 5,  Jose Enamarado 5,     East Chapel Hill 10
September 26, 2013
Jordan dominated this game as they had 7 shots on goal and scored on 5 of them.  Riverside could only muster one shot on goal and did not score. Jordan got single goals from 5 players.
Riverside 0,   Jordan  5
Riverside                            0    0    0     
Jordan                                 3    2    5
Shots on goal—Riverside 1,   Jordan 7
Goals---Jordan 5,  Kaushik Puranam, Dakota Trauco, Christian Aguilera, Henry Hannapel, Blake Moushon
Saves-Riverside 2,  Jose Enamarado 2,    Jordan 1, Billy Morgenlander 1
Records –Riverside   0-5-0, PAC6    0-2-0
                Jordan      7-2-2, PAC6    2-0-0

September 30, 2013
Riverside dominated this game as they had 34 shots on goal and scored on 8 of them.  Person could only muster one shot on goal and did not score. Seven Riverside players scored with David McSwain scoring the first two goals followed by single goals from Jose Garcia, Jake Macmillan, Joe Wood,
Luke Berndt, Fabian Navarro and Jose Enamarado, who came out of goalkeeper position in the second half to score the last goal.
Riverside 8,   Person 0
Riverside                           7   1    8     
Person                                0    0   0
Shots on goal—Riverside 34,   Person 1
Goals---Riverside 8, David McSwain 2, Jose Garcia, Jake Macmillan, Joe Wood, Luke Berndt, Fabian Navarro and Jose Enamarado
Saves-Riverside 1,  Jose Enamarado 1,     Person 26, Fryczynski Fletcher 26
Records –Riverside 1-5-0, PAC6    1-2-0

October 8, 2013

It was a great defensive game where both teams played hard and the final score did not indicate how close the game was.  Northern took a 2-1 lead into half time with two goals from Luis Rodriguez with the Riverside goal scored by Bryan Navarro.  
The score remained 2-1 until 4 minutes remaining when George Bukenya scored for Northern.   Northern scored its 3 goals with only 7 shots on goal while Riverside could only muster one goal out of 11 shots on goal.
Riverside 1,   Northern 3
Riverside                     1   0    1
Northern                       2   1    3     
Shots on goal-Riverside 11,   Northern 7
Goals---Riverside 1,  Bryan Navarro
Goals-Northern 3,  Luis Rodriguez, 2 and George Bukenya 1
Saves-Riverside 4,  Jose Enamarado 4,     Northern 10,  Francisco Guerrero,2  and Dillon Leovic, 8
Records -Riverside 1-6-0    PAC6  1-3-0
                Northern 5-6-1   PAC6   3-1-0
 October 9, 2013

East Chapel Hill's Michael Balog did the heavy lifting for the Wildcats as he scored all three of his team's goals in a 3-2 win.   Riverside got goals from Bryan Navarro and Jose Garcia.
Riverside 2,   East Chapel Hill 3
Riverside                            1   1    2     
East Chapel Hill                 2   1    3     
Shots on goal—Riverside 6,   East Chapel Hill  7
Goals---Riverside 2,  Bryan Navarro 1, Jose Garcia 1
Goals—East Chapel Hill 3, Michael Balog 3
Saves-Riverside 4,  Jose Enamarado 4,     East Chapel Hill 5, Nic Mallett 4
October 16, 2013

Close game at the end of the first half with Jordan having a 1-0 lead with a goal from Austin Rochelle.   In the second half Jordan broke open a close game with 3 goals in a 10 minute span with two goals by Huntley Munn and a single goal by Danny Potts.
Riverside 0,   Jordan 4
Riverside                       0   0    0
Jordan                           1   3    4   
Shots on goal—Riverside 3,   Jordan 14
Goals—Jordan 4,  Huntley Munn, 2 ,  Austin Rochelle 1, Danny Potts 1
Saves-Riverside 10,  Jose Enamarado 10,     Jordan 3,  Billy Morgenlander 3
Records –Riverside 1-8-0    PAC6  1-5-0
                   Jordan 12-2-3   PAC6  6-0-0

October 21, 2013
Riverside dominated this Monday night game as they had 20 shots on goal and scored on 7 of them.  Person could only muster two shots on goal and did not score. Six Riverside players scored with Jason Santander scoring two goals followed by single goals from Luke Berndt, Trinidad Soto, Jose Garcia, Angel Hernandez, and Colin Hutson.
Riverside 7,   Person 0
Riverside                             4   3    7   
Person                                 0    0    0
Shots on goal—Riverside 20,   Person 2
Goals---Riverside 7, Jason Santander 2,  Luke Berndt, Trinidad Soto, Jose Garcia, Angel Hernandez, and Colin Hutson
Saves-Riverside 2,  Johnson Carbucci 2,     Person 13, Fryczynski Fletcher 13
Records –Riverside 2-8-0, PAC6    2-5-0
October 22, 2013
 Carrboro came out strong in the first half and rolled to a 4-0 half-time lead with two  goals from Ywa Moo and single goals from Marc Rovner and Paul Flournoy.  In the first half, Carrboro only had 6 shots on goal and scored on 4 of them while Riverside had only one shot of goal.     In the second half, Riverside played with much more aggressiveness and determination and  had 6 shots on goal, but could not finish any of them.  Carrboro did not have a shot on goal in the second half.
Riverside 0,   Carrboro 4
Riverside                            0    0    0
Carrboro                            4     0    4
Shots on goal—Riverside 7   Carrboro 6
Goals—Carrboro 4,  Ywa Moo 2, Marc Rovner 1, Paul Flournoy 1
Saves-Riverside 2,  Johnson Carbuccia 2,     Carrboro 7, Murat Calikoglu 7
Records –Riverside 2-9-0   PAC6  2-5-0

October 23, 2013
Riverside was ready to play  tonight and played their best game of the season.  Riverside began the game with a lot of energy and in the first twenty-three minutes they rolled to a 4-0 lead with two  goals from Jason Santander and single goals from David McSwain and Blake Berry.  Northern finally got on the scoreboard with two goals by Luis Rodriguez (one was on a penalty kick for a foul in the box by Riverside) in the last twelve minutes of the first half.   The first half ended with Riverside holding  4-2 lead.   The second half was a strong defensive battle as Riverside only had two shots on goal and Northern did not have a shot on goal until less than one minute remaining when the Riverside goal keeper was knocked back into the goal box that was scored as a goal for  Northern that cut the lead to 4-3.   With less than a minute to play, Northern was not able to mount another  threat and the game ended with Riverside winning 4-3.
Riverside 4,   Northern 3
Riverside                            4    0    4
Northern                            2     1   3
Shots on goal—Riverside 8   Northern 4
Goals—Riverside  4,  Jason Santander 2, David McSwain 1, Blake Berry 1,     Northern 3, Luis Rodriguez 2, Justin Shoe 1
Saves-Riverside 2,  Johnson Carbuccia 2,     Northern 4, Francisco Guerrero 2 and Dillon Leovic 2
Records –Riverside 3-9-0   PAC6  3-5-0